Digital artist Vladimir Panchenko makes our mouths water with the impressive concept of a BMW coupe that blends in X2 and E46 3 Series hatchback silhouettes. The initial idea was to create sort of a shooting brake crossover that was basically inspired by the X1 and the classic 3 Series hatch model. Eventually, Vladimir Panchenko replaced the X1 startpoint with the X2, with inspiration coming from the digital sketches of Sebastian Simm.

Thus, the BMW coupe 2020 concept was created as a bolder three-door coupe with pretty much reminds us of the legendary Z3 Coupe model. The front is a rework of the current design philosophy, taking its use from the X2. The kidney grille features an inverted layout, just like on the F39, yet it boasts an added dose of muscularity, getting bigger and sporting a honeycomb mesh design reminding of the M Performance pattern.

The LED headlights extends towards the grille and the inner filaments feature a hexagonal shape, just like on every new BMW. The bigger air vents for the front end section are also a rework of the original design seen on the BMW X2.

The side profile is characterized by a rakish roofline, a slightly increased ground clearance and an overall window line mimicking the X2 style, with rear section sweeping upwards. The large-size multi-spoke wheels with burnished grey look further add up to the dramatic silhouette of the conceptual BMW Coupe 2020.

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The rear end is instantly recognizable as a BMW thanks to the inverted L-shape of the tail lights, which are also equipped with LED technology and sport an iconic inner graphics.

All in all, the BMW Coupe 2020 concept by Vladimir Panchenko looks decisively powerful and muscular, reminding us of the golden age of motoring and the iconic Z3 Coupe/Z3 M Coupe model, developed in the 1990s era on the E36 3 Series platform.

As this is just a digital artist project, it is very hard to believe that BMW will consider one day to add such a daring crossover coupe proposition to its lineup, given the current market context. Let’s see more of the BMW Coupe 2020 concept. Enjoy!

[Image Credits: Vladimir Panchenko]