Now that the new Audi RS6 is out, the traditional German Autobahn missile trio is complete, with the BMW M5 and the Mercedes-AMG E63 waiting for their friend for quite some time now. With the arrival of the latest RS6 iteration, comparisons between these three are now popping up online and the one posted at the bottom of this page focuses on the Audi and the BMW M5 Competition in rather tough weather.

What makes this comparison relevant is that it compares the two cars in adverse weather conditions and that makes a pretty big difference. Let’s be honest, seeing the M5 Competition and the RS6 compared on a track during a sunny day is very appealing and allows the cars to use all their tricks to the fullest. However, those are ideal conditions, the sort of combination of factors most drivers will never get to experience.

m5 competition rain 830x412

The guys from Car Magazine put the two to the test in ‘normal’ conditions for the UK. That means heavy rain, cold temperatures and slick roads. Luckily for the BMW, the new M5 Competition comes with all-wheel drive as well, otherwise it would’ve been in a heap of trouble against the RS6 and its quattro system. And while the all-wheel drive systems do help out, BMW’s powerplant feels meatier and more hardcore than the one in the Audi according to the reviewer.

The 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 of the BMW is just more eager to throw you against your seat and the car feels quicker in all situations. One of the complaints the reviewer has about the M5 is that it is too quiet and understated, especially in the sound department. Basically, the speed creeps up on you and the car doesn’t offer you great feedback in that regard. The RS6 is also more comfortable and composed thanks to its air suspension. Overall, the two cars have their own pros and cons and this has to be one of the most in-depth reviews I’ve seen of both cars. However, only one can win it and there’s winner hidden in the final minutes of the video. Check it out to find out which car it is.