When one thinks of Rolls-Royce and everything that goes with it, the word ‘drift’ is not likely to pop up. Even though the Phantom, the Ghost and the Wraith have all been drifted before, the Cullinan has been not. That’s because the SUV is the first and only car that Rolls-Royce sells right now, fitted with all-wheel drive.

That might be an issue if you want to drift this car. The guys from Autocar had a Cullinan at their disposal a while back and it was a Black Badge model as a matter of fact. The Black Badge Cullinan is meant to be a ‘sportier’ and more ‘focused’ version of the behemoth. While most reviews out there focused on the differences between the two versions of the Cullinan, the guys from Autocar had a different take on things.

rolls royce cullinan black badge 830x430

They decided to try and make it drift instead. Initially things didn’t really go to plan. Looking at the specs you’d think the 670 lb-ft of torque the 6.75-liter twin-turbo V12 engine has under the hood should be enough to get the wheels spinning, all-wheel drive or not.

The problem is, the Cullinan was set up to have proper traction though so getting it to slide would take some ingenuity. Therefore, their attempts on wet asphalt were thwarted.

Then Autocar took the Cullinan to a different spot, where some construction had recently been done and they had some mud to play around in. Needless to say this time things got cracking. And it looked really fun too.

It’s not everyday that you get to drift a $400,000 car in a mud pit. I certainly wouldn’t have behave like a hooligan but then again, to each his own. That said, this is one pretty interesting video to check out.