Some of you might’ve heard of the brilliant projects Lego created recently as part of their Lego Technic projects. They have done a real, life-size Bugatti Chiron replica out of legos and it is a massively impressive machine. Now the people from Lego are teasing us with a Lambo, but it looks like other projects are in the works as well. The Danish company has a special section on its website where you can propose ideas for future models to be built. One of them right now is the BMW M1.

One avid fan of the only BMW supercar ever made took some time to create a project based on the car. The Tomoell project focuses on two different versions of the BMW M1. One is a race-car livery model made up of 1,059 pieces of lego while the other needs just 986 pieces and is the replica of a normal, road-going M1. Both models have doors that can open, similarly functional hoods and steering wheels.

lego ideas bmw m1 by tomoell4 830x467

They look amazing to be honest and, even though they are not of the same size as the Bugatti project, could be very popular in the BMW community. However, there’s a catch to it. In order to become reality, this project needs to be supported by 10,000 people.

That’s where we come in. As avid BMW fans I think we could all chip in to get this done. At the moment, this Lego idea has under 6,000 supporters so it’s over halfway there.

I really think this is a project worth putting into production. The attention to detail is astounding. The cars have removable bodies so the chassis can be detached. Once you do that you can actually see the straight-six engine at the back complete with the BMW logo and gray cover. Even the seats resemble the original, by Lego standards of course.

You can check them out in the photo gallery below.

[Via: Lego Ideas]