The folks at Motor Trend have put together yet another one of their annual Best Driver’s Car competitions. For 2019, the BMW brand was well represented. As a matter of fact, the Munich-based manufacturer was the only one in the program with two cars. Those two cars are also part of the, by now traditional, World’s Greatest Drag race event. The best part of it all is that you can check it out in the video below.

In all fairness, we would’ve liked to see the BMW M8 Competition lining up at the starting line here but, according to Motor Trend, at the time of filming, that car was not available for testing. The reason why we would’ve liked the M8 here is to see how BMW’s fastest car, in a straight line, would’ve performed against some of the best cars in the world. Looking at the line-up here, it’s pretty easy to see which car is going to win it.

worlds greatest drag race2 830x423

Naturally, there’s a million dollar hypercar lined-up there, in the shape of the McLaren Senna. That little beast is closer to a rocketship than a car, and it proved it. The BMW M850i did okay, considering the competition here. It was right up there with the Bentley Continental V8 and that’s where it was supposed to be anyway.

We’re mostly impressed by how good the 911 did, which is one of the least powerful cars here. In the 1/4 mile, it actually won, if we leave the Senna aside for a minute, in a tie with the Mercedes-AMG GT63 S.  That’s a great result for the Porsche.

BMW M2 Competition vs Toyota Supra vs Porsche 718 Cayman

The biggest disappointment, on the other end of the spectrum, was the Dodge Redeye. This was supposed to be its specialty and, as the most powerful car here, it should’ve done better.

One honorable mention goes to the Aston Martin though, which took off after the 1/4 mile, showing that for some of these cars that’s just too short to show their potential. Enjoy!