The BMW X7 is the most luxurious SUV you can get from Munich these days. It’s also the biggest car the Bavarians have ever put together, beating the 7 Series and the X5 in the process. The X7 is also among the most luxurious cars BMW has ever made. However, it’s not luxurious enough for some. Some feel that the 7-seat Bimmer could do without so much plastic inside, despite very little of it actually in the cabin. Among the people unsatisfied are those from Vilner.

Vilner is a tuning specialist from Bulgaria known for some rather impressive projects. The guys are masters at changing your car’s interior and making bespoke projects. The latest model added to their list is, as you might suspect already, the BMW X7. They got their hands on an M50d model and upgraded its cabin to the exact specifications of its owner. As you can see, their focus was mostly on the plastic bits inside and they changed them out for some nice leather.

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Quilted patterns can be seen now on the roof lining both up front and above the third row of seats as well as on the sides of the center console. There’s even an X7 badge embossed there with blue accents. As a matter of fact, the cognac leather inside is contrasting rather nicely with blue accents all over the place. Alcantara is also playing a big part in this transformation, covering the center console for the most part.

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It’s quite impressive, what Vilner has achieved here. They somehow managed to completely overhaul the inside of the this X7 without making it feel like a completely different car. Their upgrades are fit perfectly into the mix and yet also feel like they were put there by BMW themselves. I, for one, actually like how this project turned out and I’m sure the owner agrees as well.