So far, we’re big fans of the new G20-generation BMW 3 Series. It’s been an improvement over the previous F30-generation in every single way; both objectively and subjectively. It’s more fun to drive, faster, more engaging, packed with better tech, better built and, one can’t forget, better looking. The new G20 is actually one of the better looking 3 Series’ in history, with its E46-style notched headlights and funky Hofmeister Kink. Like all great 3 Series’, though, it looks best in interesting colors, such as this “Hope Green” wrapped G20.

In these photos, we see a wrap job that makes a G20 BMW 3 Series very, very green. The body color is something called “Hope Green”, which is an interesting looking dark green. It changes quite a bit, depending on lighting. In some light, it pops and looks vibrant, while in others it’s dark and deep. It’s certainly a unique color for a 3 Series.

SchwabenFolia BMW 3er G20 Hope Green Folierung 01 830x554

To make the 3er even more green, most of its accents have also been wrapped in green, just a lighter shade. For instance, the Kidney Grille surround, Hofmeister Kink, mirror caps and roof antennae even received a colored wrap, in something called Fresh Spring Green. To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever seen any car wrapped in green and then given lighter green accents. However you feel about the color green, this G20 3 Series is certainly unique.

SchwabenFolia BMW 3er G20 Hope Green Folierung 05 830x554

Personally, I really like the body color, actually. I like green cars, especially British ones of course, and I think the G20 3 Series looks good in it. However, I’m not personally sure about the lighter green accents. Those would be much better looking left in black, if I’m honest. Maybe wrap them in matte black, so they’re different from the standard gloss black accents of the M Sport-equipped car. Still, it’s a unique looking car and I’m sure the owner loves it.

[Source: via Bimmertoday]