“Norway Postcards” is the latest creation of Traveller’s Tales, in which the duo consisting of Stanly and Katya have explored the fascinating Scandinavian country at the wheel of a BMW X3. Norway is fascinating and vivid country with breathtaking landscapes and rewarding roads that fulfill the passionate’s desire for driving pleasure. The fjord regions, the Atlantic Ocean Road or the bendy passes across the country make it an ideal destination for explorers and frequent travelers.

The creative couple behind “Traveller’s Tales”, Stanly and Katya, embarked on a 3,000 km journey to create a new movie in their famous travel show. This time, the chosen country was Norway. The duo embarked on an adventure of discovery in which they were highly challenged by the northern weather. Every mile of their journey was rewarded with amazing visual landscapes. Thus, their new movie was purposely entitled “Norway Postcards”.

Norway Postcards with BMW X3 5 830x415

The expedition lasted 8 days and began with the trip to Randsverk, which involved driving the BMW X3 on a picturesque road wandering between lakes and natural parks. The weather conditions were always an ever-changing factor, the team being constantly at risk of being hit by a heavy snowstorm in their Nordic expedition.

Moving west to the fjord lands, the first day on the Trollstigen pass was not promising, as the curvy road was closed due to unexpected snowfall. Fortunately, the road was cleared quickly and the team was met with a sunny sky and snowy peaks. “With such a strong contrast between the temperatures and the asphalt, it is essential to trust your car. In addition, due to the reduced amount of sun in the northernmost hemisphere, the lower section of the Trollstigen pass is not touched by the sun’s rays, so the air is very humid and always blurry. The BMW X3 has given us comfort and confidence, while showing great scenic Norwegian trails,” recalls Stanly.

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“If you really want to enjoy the serene Norwegian landscapes and roads, you have to visit the country outside the tourist season. We decided that October is the best month to do it. We have witnessed the transformation to winter and back several times. We like this magical and unusual period of the year, with Mother Nature sketching out a new, spectacular and sometimes extreme decor every day.”

“The country has a rapidly growing infrastructure, so during the trip you are often faced with the possibility of choosing between taking the ferry or passing a  tunnel, or taking the longer route through the fjords. In addition to visiting the mandatory Norwegian sights – Trollstigen and Atlantic Ocean Road -, we wanted to find some other hidden gems, so we almost always chose the serpentine roads.” explains Stanly.

Norway Postcards with BMW X3 4 830x415

As the team approached the Atlantic Ocean Road, it was already raining heavily. Just before sunset, the sky cleared up and displayed one of the most unforgettable panoramas: the series of bridges designed with a special curve, that  created the impression of driving directly towards the sunset.

Subsequently, two very steep roads were left on Stanly and Katya’s list, whose streamers were heading towards Vøringfossen. When the construction of the new road was completed, the old one was transformed into the Måbødalen cultural museum. There are several places where the old and new roads meet, but the old one is accessible only by foot or bicycle. One can also go upstream by following one of the many hiking trails in the region.

“Some of our routes were discovered only by meticulously researching the maps. Our favorite – the Stalheimskleiva road – was bypassed by a series of tunnels. This road probably has the most complicated series of corners and with the highest inclination on which I’ve ever driven. It’s a one-way stream downhill, and to get back to the top you have to go through those new tunnels.”, Katya highlights of the experience.

The most important tool of the journey was the BMW X3 xDrive20d (G01), with its 190 PS peak output ready to cover hundreds of kilometers and overcome any challenge offered by the unsteady Norwegian autumn. With the frugal consumption ensuring an autonomy of over 1,000 kilometers in daily use, the car also provided the flexibility needed to navigate across the country in complete safety while also ensuring a good dose of driving fun.

This is the fourth time that BMW is officially partnering “Traveller’s tales” for these recreational discovery journeys into unexplored lands. After the preceding series of “Frozen Romania“, “The Scotland Colors” and “Discover Portugal“, the “Norway Postcards” is the second occasion in which the BMW X3 proves to be the perfect travel partner. The BMW X6 (F16 series) and the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe have also been starring in the Traveller’s Tales specials.

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[Credits: BMW Romania]