Last year we had the chance of driving what was then seen as a preview of the BMW M2 CS, a BMW M2 Competition fitted with all the M Performance parts you can get. Adding all those extra bits to the Competition model made the car feel even better but if you don’t want to take our word for it, here’s someone else who had the chance to drive a similarly equipped car: Joe Achilles. Our good man in England had the chance to test out one of these beauties and he provides some interesting feedback in the video below.

The BMW M2 Competition is already a phenomenal car. It’s compact, nimble and has plenty of power, making it a true modern-day E46 M3. However, BMW is also offering M Performance parts for it, for those people out there that are never satisfied with a bone stock car. And if you want to upgrade your ride, what better option than parts made by the manufacturer using racing research and development techniques?

m2 m performance rear 830x417

That’s right, the M Performance parts you can buy from BMW, for any car in their range, are developed to the highest specs and the best levels of performance. They also cover all the essentials. On this particular car we have the front splitter installed along with carbon fiber surrounds for the kidney grilles, side mirror covers, carbon fiber hood, a huge wing at the back made of the same material as well as a new diffuser in between the exhaust tips. The boot lid is also different, made of carbon fiber of course.

The carbon fiber-fest continues inside with the material being used for the M Performance door sill trims, the center console and dash trims while the steering wheel is adorned with Alcantara. While all those look good their impact in terms of performance doesn’t make a huge difference. However, this car also had the M Performance suspension installed and that does make a difference, as Joe is about to tell you.