I’ve been watching the guys from Throttle House for quite some time now. Their Youtube channel has grown considerably over the last few year and they deliver quality content for the viewers. The two hosts have different tastes when it comes to cars and that makes their channel unique, because you get to see two sides of the car, as each one of them delivers their own take on it. If you have been watching them you probably already know that Thomas is kind-of a BMW fan. He’s had multiple BMWs over the years and he has finally bought the car of his dreams. That’s right, he bought a BMW E46 M3.

Unfortunately — if you ask a lot of enthusiasts on E46 M3 forums — it’s a convertible but, according to him, the car has a roll cage now which stiffens the chassis, one of the main reasons why a lot of people avoid Convertible M3s.

throttle house m3 830x404

No matter what though, this is still an E46 M3 and both of them are impressed by the way the car drives. The S54 engine revs to oblivion and that naturally aspirated feel is long gone today. The sound is yet another thing that boggles the mind of anyone driving an E46 M3. It’s not necessarily the exhaust sound as it is the induction sound, something I also noticed when I drove an E46 M3 a few years back.

In the end though, there’s just no going around the fact that this particular M3 has seen more than its fair share of miles. It has nearly 200,000 miles on the clock and its age is showing. Nevertheless, in their book as much as mine, this car is pretty close to perfection. That’s because you get just the right amount of tech and electronics inside it, its styling still feels contemporary and it drives great. Check out the video for more details.