It may be a bit morbid but celebrity memorabilia has never been more intriguing as this car. You can basically buy ‘the place’ where Tupac was shot and killed. Awkward, I know, but this is really an interesting opportunity and, dare I say, a rare chance to own something truly connected to the famous rapper. The BMW 750Li he was riding in that night in Las Vegas is now up for grabs and the price tag is sporting will definitely require a lot of commitment on your side.

I can’t really see anyone buying this car unless they had Tupac posters in their room back in the day. Only a huge Tupac fan or collector could possibly be willing to pay the asking price of $1.75 million for this car. Don’t get me wrong, the E38 750Li is a brilliant machine and I love that generation but no mint 7er should ever sell for that much. And this isn’t exactly a collector’s car if you take out the ‘famous rapper shot’ element.

Its odometer shows 121,043 miles on it and that’s a serious amount. Furthermore, we know it was repainted and fixed a number of times, to get those bullet holes out, of course. That’s not something that would usually help sell a car meant to be a collector’s item. Even so, this story can’t be said without the famous rapper riding in it.

The 1996 BMW 750Li was also featured on Pawn Stars back in early 2018 and had a price tag of $1.5 million back then. It looks like this is only getting more expensive with time.

It would be absolutely awesome to see the car bought and then driven around town, like it was nothing. I mean, considering the mileage on the odometer, it probably wouldn’t make a big difference anyway.

However, chances of that happening are slim, at most, as whoever will be buying it will most likely be looking to make some money. Thus, this beautiful BMW 750Li will probably spend the rest of its life in a garage, hidden somewhere.