Rolls-Royce has a habit of creating unique cars. The biggest advantage the company has over anything else on sale out there today is the amount of customization that customers can choose from. Their Bespoke division handles even the most peculiar requests and that has been rather obvious this year, with plenty of special edition Phantoms being launched. From a special model sold at auction to raise money for AIDS research to one featuring floral motifs, they’ve done some impressive work.

Today, we’re looking again at a special Phantom, but on this occasion, the work hasn’t been officially sanctioned by the people working in Goodwood. This particular Rolls-Royce Phantom was introduced by the Abu Dhabi dealership, on their Facebook page. According to them, the paint job was done by US artist Bradley Theodore, a NYC native who has a rather unique style, as you can see.

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He is known for his bold use of powerful colors and strong lines. If the car presented here seems a bit familiar that’s natural as Theodore has done some similar work on a Wraith a while back. Therefore, this collaboration actually goes back a lot longer. The artist even has a unique view on the icon of the brand, the Spirit of Ecstasy, which he painted from a different perspective a while back. Just like it was the case in his other works involving Rolls-Royce cars, the same colors were used here.

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Therefore, the Phantom at hand was dressed up in shades of blue, mint green (which is one of the colors of the year 2020), red, yellow and a bit of white here and there. It’s quite interesting how his brushes somehow manage to alter the perceived shape of the car.

Unfortunately, Theodore’s creativity was limited to the exterior of the car, the interior being rather standard. Brilliant in every way, but nothing out of the ordinary for a Phantom.