Straight out of the ‘world of ingenious creations’ we’re bringing you one tough classic Mini today. This car is no longer in sync with its British origins but to some it may be even better this way. This Mini has been heavily modified by some crazy shop in Georgia and now sports a Honda CR-V engine. It also comes with an all-wheel drive system along with a myriad of other changes that make it unique. The best bit is that it can be yours right now, for $49,000.

That’s quite a lot for such an old Mini but then again, you need to hear the rest of the story before passing judgement. The car was built by Minitec, a shop in Royston, Georgia that specializes in swapping Honda powertrains into Minis. According to the ad, over $80,000 has been invested into making it the proper pocket rocket it is today and I have to say, the build quality and the specs are impressive.

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Over the course of its transformation the car received new subframes, a new anti-roll cage, coilover suspension, wide-body kit and even racing bucket seats. The engine is a B20 Honda unit with Vtec, and limited slip differentials both up front and in the back because the Mini is now all-wheel drive. The engine and AWD system are controlled by a Hondata S3000 ECU. The car also has a new exhaust, bigger brakes to keep up with the new engine and AC.

For the amount of work that went into it (you can check out the entire list here) the $49,000 price tag doesn’t seem such a ludicrous proposal anymore. This thing could probably enter rally stages and finish them without breaking a sweat. You can also check it out in the video below, in case you want to hear how it sounds. So, would you be interested? Is it worth the money?