Car enthusiasts love a good shooting brake. The idea of a sporty two-door wagon is just really enticing, as it brings style and practicality to an already sporty car. In this case, the BMW Concept 4 has been rendered as a shooting brake and it actually looks quite cool.

What’s surprising about that is the fact that the BMW Concept 4 is a very pretty car in profile. If anything should be changed in a render it’s the car’s face, as its massive Kidney Grilles have been a common point of criticism. But few have complained about its silhouette, which is very pretty. But even after getting rid of its best looking features and swapping them for shooting brake styling, the Concept 4 actually looks pretty good.

BMW Concept 4 Shooting Brake 830x467

Despite being a shooting brake, rather than a sleek and sexy coupe, this BMW Concept 4 render maintains a handsome Hofmesiter Kink, gets flared rear wheel arches and a sleek profile. Add its surprising practicality to those cool looks and you have an awesome car. If BMW were ever to make such a car, it would be one of the very coolest cars on sale. It’d be like a cut-rate Ferrari GTC4Lusso, with a sporty look, hopefully sporty handling and hatchback-like practicality.

Unfortunately, such a thing is never going to happen. We don’t often like making bold and certain claims, because you never know what’s going to happen, but we feel confident that we won’t have to eat crow with that claim. BMW doesn’t even want to sell many more wagons, especially in the US market.  So you can forget a shooting brake 4 Series. We might get a 4 Series Gran Coupe in the future, which will be the best looking version, but no shooting brake. Still, it’s fun to dream and this render allows us to do exactly that.

[Source: X-Tomi Design]