Welcome to The Driveway by BMWBLOG! My name is Rod Werly and to say I am passionate BMW fan is an understatement! While I am now on my thirteen BMW, I actually have built a Second Home near Greenville, SC, as of course that is BMW’s second home. I have also travelled to Germany several times renting BMWs to drive on the Autobahn and became friends with a variety of people throughout the BMW family. That family consists of people of all titles throughout BMW i, BMW and of course the MOST POWERFUL letter in the world, BMW M.

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The story I would like to share today is European Delivery of my 2019 BMW i8 Roadster. As an avid fan consumed with the brand, true European Delivery has always been a dream. I had done delivery at Spartanburg ( also a great experience ), but the picking up a vehicle in the “Homeland” is an amazing experience. While I could get sidetracked in several directions, my love of Munich and of course, beer, I will stay focused on the task at hand.

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BMW arranges everything, no detail too small, and gives you a variety of choices and you can truly customize to your desired destinations. I had a dear friend at BMW i suggest a route, hotels and places to drive to, and enjoy over the course of four nights. We were in Germany longer but we had planned to pick up Walküre ( named by myself and a former BMW M guy ) towards the end of our trip.

But let’s back up a bit. I ordered the vehicle from my local BMW dealership, and, with the awesome European Delivery discount, our – another key ingredient to my passion for the brand is obviously an incredible wife – adventure began.

I monitored the build, and planned our trip.

Arriving at the BMW Welt is an experience in itself. You can also enjoy the BMW Museum in private, since we had an early appointment, followed by a breakfast and refreshments. Among the choices, of course, Bier. We waited for maybe 20 minutes for our appointment with the BMW advisor. He explained the paperwork and all details for driving your OWN vehicle in Germany and other countries ( Austria was one of them ) and then the moment came to meet Walküre.

Walking down the stairs and seeing it rotate was quite an overwhelming experience. Features and benefits were explained. Pictures taken and away we went. Side note, there is a booklet in Germany that we were told you MUST have with you at all times – the registration card.

In all the excitement I left it in a locker and realized that about 20 km out on our adventure, so I had to turn around and get it. My wife was very understanding.

Anyway, our first night was spent in Schwangau. We were to visit the castle and had a preplanned time. Of course, we missed it because of a couple closed roads in the middle of nowhere, but we had a blast driving nonetheless. You have to have a go with the flow attitude which I am blessed with most days anyway. I had a garage to park in and we spent our first night there. If I was to do things differently I would spend two nights at some of our destinations.

From there, we went to Lindau for one night. Then to Innsbruck, the drive from Lindau to Innsbruck carried us through or should I say over the Silvretta Highway. What an amazing scenery!

From Innsbruck we went to Salzburg then back to Munich. As I said before my next European Delivery will be two nights in each location.

Your Car (year/make/model): I have owned my BMW i8 Roadster for about 15 months. It’s my daily driver.

What made you buy it?: I bought the Roadster because I had a 2014 BMWi8 Coupe, second one in Michigan named Luna, and I LOVED IT! We were treated to a private unveiling of the Roadster in Germany, I am told even before the Board of Directors saw it and we fell in love with it!

Things you like: I love the looks of it, it has a bit more power than my i8 Coupe. It is super comfortable to travel in over long distances. As a side note, I am heading to Oktoberfest in Greenville soon for the BMWCCA and of course driving topless.

Things you’d change: I cannot believe it did not come with the fancy Display Key. Also, no Gesture Control? This is a so called flagship model.
Modifications Done:

Any Adventures? See me in three weeks at BMWCCA Oktoberfest!

Costs: No costs as it’s under warranty, but I would for BMW to bring the 4 Year bumper-to-bumper warranty.

What’s Next (Next car, next adventure, etc.)? Maybe the BMW M Next? It looks amazing!