If you’d like to own a piece of BMW Motorsport history, you can do so today. According to an eBay listing, Turner Motorsport is selling their BMW Motorsport P65B44 4.4L V8 engine used in their 2014 Championship winning BMW Z4 GT3.

The ad says the engine has serial number 537 and there are 10,288 km on this engine. Turner Motorsport says BMW recommends a refresh at 27,000km though there is a lot of km left. Furthermore, the folks at Turner mention that the engine was working 100 percent prior to removal, and was carried as a spare at the end of their BMW Z4 GT3 program.

The fine print says that this is a dry sump 4.4L engine and though it is similar to that used on the E9x M3 street car (S65) , it is a race engine. Modifications will be required to run this engine in any car other than a Z4 GT3. This engine makes over 500hp and Turner states that is extremely reliable.

The BMW Z4 GT3 customer car was very successful in Europe, but there was only one Z4 GT3 customer car in the US. That car is the Turner Motorsport Z4 GT3, which won the GTD class in the Tudor Championship in 2014.

BMW’s P65B44 engines were also used in the 2008 BMW M3 ALMS, 2009 BMW M3 GTR racing car, 2010-2015 BMW Z4 GT3 racing car and in the 2013-2016 BMW Z4 GTE racing car.

If you’d like to learn more about the Turner’s powerplant, head over to eBay.