The concept previewing the upcoming BMW 4 Series Coupe has only been out for a couple of days and yet, it’s already a trending topic on the Internet. And for good reasons considering that the BMW Concept 4 features a controversial design. Therefore, many are already wondering whether the production model will keep the same design lines. According to BMW designers, likely yes, with a small variation.

What we know for sure is that, as soon as the concept was unveiled, various pixel manipulators got to work, trying to create toned down versions of it. Just the other day we saw one rendering with the 8 Series grilles applied to the front end of the 4 Series Concept and it looked just right. We also saw an attempt at figuring out the overall shape of the upcoming Convertible 4 Series, thanks to X-Tomi Design.

Once again, it wasn’t a bad-looking car.

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Now, we’re going down yet another familiar lane, at least when it comes to renderings. What you’re seeing here is a BMW 4 Series Shooting Brake rendering which we believe is absolutely stunning. Some of the credit might go to the fact that, being a side-view only, we don’t see the front fascia of the car. All jokes aside, this Concept 4 Series would look good with a Shooting Brake shape.

It’s truly a shame that it won’t become reality, just like any other Shooting Brake rendering.

According to BMW, the market for Shooting Brakes is quite small, a niche some may call it. And just like most automakers, BMW is chasing profits and volume. Yet, that doesn’t stop us from dreaming that maybe one day….

We’ve already seen a BMW E30 M3 pickup, why not an BMW 4 Series Shooting Brake or even better, an M4 Shooting Brake?