The Frankfurt Motor Show was full of surprises from BMW. Alongside a new hydrogen-powered car, the Bavarians brought out the BMW 4 Series Concept which is basically telling us how the upcoming Coupe will shape up. Just like they promised a while back, the new Coupe will be a hell of a lot different from its sedan brother. For some, that’s a good thing. With everyone complaining about how cars in the current line-up look too similar, BMW went in a whole different direction, with a lot of guts.

Sure, some have rushed to call the new 4 Series Concept all sorts of things, complaining about a number of design cues. Most negative comments were aimed at the grilles, of course, followed by the rather stunning choice of losing the Hoffmeister Kink in the process as well.

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The new 4 Series Coupe will most likely look a lot like this concept, if the previous generation is anything to go by. Furthermore, the new BMW i4 EV is bound to share a lot of its design with it as well, alongside the upcoming 4 Series Convertible. That’s why we’re here, as X-Tomi design put together a rendering of how a drop top 4er would look. To be honest, it’s not bad. Losing the roof actually makes this thing’s design pop and it just seem to work.

Unfortunately, we’re still quite far from a reveal of both production versions. The Coupe is bound to show up in July, next year, while the drop top will be unveiled at a later time.

It’s also quite clear that the design of the BMW Concept 4 was heavily inspired by the 8 Series and maybe it’s own concept. The subtle ducktail spoiler, the muscular rear haunches and overall profile are all quite similar to the 8er. It’s shorter and stubbier, though, with ultra-short overhangs. So it looks a bit sportier and more aggressive than the 8 Series, which is a bit prettier and more elegant.

BMW says that the Concept 4 is about 85 percent close to the production model, so this is a pretty good indication on what we will get in 2020.