After I got to drive a 1959 Morris Mini-Minor earlier this year, I have to admit my preconceptions about classic cars were turned upside down. It truly was a unique experience, so I started looking for mint, classic Minis soon after. In case that sounds familiar, you might want to check out this mint 1968 Morris Mini-Minor that had only 271 miles on the clock to this day.

It’s pretty obvious that someone either forgot to drive this beauty or kept it in mint shape intentionally, so that it can capitalize on its classic car value many many years later. Regardless of the answer, this thing is probably the cleanest and lowest mileage Mini you can buy today, from the first batch ever made.

This is a Super De Luxe model fitted with the most expensive options you could get back then. Don’t get too excited, you couldn’t get a lot in the first place.

According to the seller, the car was bought for a certain Mrs. B. Jones, to allow her to learn how to drive and use it daily afterwards. The legend has it she never reached that ambitious goal and the car went away into storage. The same ad says the car was sold by her family at auction a while back and now it’s getting listed once again.

The Old English White car comes with an impeccable Tartan Red interior with textile floor mats, as those were part of the Super De Luxe package back in the day. The seat belts have the same background story, as they were not mandatory or standard equipment back in the day.

Unfortunately, there’s no price tag listed anywhere but if you’re curious enough, you might want to send the people over at Woodham Mortimer a message and inquire about how much it would take to drive this beauty home.