The BMW i8 will soon be on its way out. It may not happen tomorrow, but sources mention that BMW is already working on its successor. At this time, there’s no official word on what the successor of the i8 will look like, or its name or powertrain. That won’t stop people from dreaming about it, will it? That’s how this BMW i8 M came to life.

It’s a rendering and a good one I might add, coming from Car Lifestyle. It is probably the best take on what a proper BMW i8 developed by the M division should look like as it addresses all the issues people complained about. One recurrent theme was the fact that the tire setup was way too narrow, making the car look ‘funny’.

bmw i8 m rendering 830x467

Well, that’s solved here as this i8 M features M8 Gran Coupe Concept wheels that are just about right.

To make sure they fit, the fenders were widened just a bit. Then there’s the front end. The headlamps are the same, but we’re looking at a new set of grilles and a new bumper, with a spoiler added to the bottom. Take a closer look and you might find some details you wouldn’t expect, like the radiator behind that front fascia. That’s a hint that the artist who put this together imagined the car with an internal combustion engine up front.

That would be his sole mistake, if you ask me. The i8 M should be a mid-engine car by all means. Up front we could have an electric motor to boost things up, but the internal combustion unit should definitely be located behind the seats. Nevertheless, the effort is appreciated and I’d love to see this thing come to life, regardless of the powertrain option.