A reader of ours recently had the chance to attend the BMWFantatics Race Day at the Red Star Raceway, about one hour North of Johannesburg. Like most cars meets, the BMWFanatics is filled with some incredible cars, interesting people and a ton of wild stories. Oh, and some light drag racing for good measure.

Of course, being a BMWFanatics event, it was filled with mostly BMWs. Sure, there was the oddball Audi or Mercedes-Benz there but it’s an event mostly for BMWs. Though, the friendly competition between brands is always good and fun. I especially like the Audi TT RS that was there with the license plate “Thanos”. Coming to the BMW event to take out 50-percent of the Bimmers?

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What’s nice about an event like BMWFanatics is that it brings a ton of different sorts of BMWs. So you get a nice mix of older and newer Bimmers. You won’t see many classics, like 2002s or 3.0 CSs, but you’ll see a bunch of E36 and E46 3 Series’, as well as a handful of E39s. But you’ll also see brand new BMWs, like M4s and X6 Ms. One of the cooler cars at the event was a 1 Series Coupe with an urban camo wrap. It’s just funky creative stuff like that that makes car meets so much fun. It breaks up the snootiness of a lot of more professional car shows.

If you live in South Africa and you want to hang out with some like-minded BMW enthusiasts, or just car enthusiasts in general, BMWFanatics is a great event to attend. You get to check out some cool cars, watch some drag racing and talk to some interesting people who always have interesting stories. Honestly, the latter is what car shows are really all about; good people with good stories.