ALPINA confirmed earlier this year that they are working on their own version of the BMW X7. The news was well received by enthusiasts, as they are probably thinking about the tantalizing prospect of a 600 HP behemoth, but there’s still a long way to go until we get to see the upcoming ALPINA XD7 in real life. Until then though, the guys from Kolesa put together a rendering of how the car might look like.

In the photos below we get to see the typical Alpina touches added to the X7. Up front, there’s a small lip added at the bottom of the bumper, with the usual ALPINA styling. There’s a huge chrome grille dominating the front fascia of the car along with similar accents added underneath it. On the sides you’ll notice the same chrome material used for the accents at the bottom of the doors – otherwise known as hockey sticks – along with turbine-style wheels.

alpina bmw x7 rendering 830x467

The ALPINA transformation can also be seen at the back, with the rear bumper featuring four round exhaust pipes and a massive diffuser in between. Of course, Alpina badges have also been added to the mix, to give this rendering more credibility. As for the specs, the new ALPINA XD7 is bound to share its engine with the B7 Biturbo, a true land missile on its own. The 4.4-liter twin turbo V8 makes 600 HP under the hood of that car and that’s exactly what we’ll be getting on the SUV as well.

It will be rather interesting to see how the XD7 shapes up. Inside the cabin we might see the tuner/manufacturer offer solely the Captain’s Chair configuration, limiting the number of seats to six. That won’t be an issue though as the main purpose of this car is to offer luxury and comfort most of all, not necessarily practicality.

We’ve already seen the XD7 out testing even on the Nurburgring and the car is going to arrive 2020.