If you take a look at the hundreds of BMW i8 renderings out there you might notice that a significant number of them are showing the hybrid sports car in a shooting brake guise. It seems like there’s something about the i8 that makes people out there somehow envision it in this shape. So it comes as no surprise than a new rendering artist set to to imagine the i8 in the shooting brake shape.

The rendering at hand here comes from Yasid Design and he has done a great job at creating that specific shooting brake silhouette in the back of the car. Looking closer you might also notice the wider fenders both up front and in the back as well as the fact that this car seems slammed. It’s not especially pretty compared to other renderings, but if there is one thing we like are those wide fenders and beefier wheels.

i8 shooting brake rendering 830x478

This, unfortunately, will remain a drawing exercise unless someone with a lot of money and free time – not to mention mad skills – decides to turn it into reality. BMW will surely never make such a model which would be too expensive to develop and would probably sell in limited numbers. Truth is that we don’t even know if the i8 will get a successor at this point, as the Germans have been tight lipped about the subject so far. But we do know that an M Next model, similar to the i8, will arrive in 2023.

What we do know is that both the i3 and i8 will live on, at least spiritually, through other cars in the future. The philosophy behind them will live on and in the case of the i8, chances are a production car based on the Vision M Next could share a lot with it, including the carbon fiber monocoque chassis.