The current BMW 5 Series is piling on years. Looking at it from the outside, you’d probably be tempted to think this car isn’t more than a couple of years old, but 2019 marks three years since it entered production and it is now bound to get a facelift in traditional BMW style. The car has already been spotted out testing under some camo, which basically pointed out which parts will get most of the attention.

Since the 5er is a best-seller, chances are the facelift will be rather small, with little tweaks applied in certain key areas. The rendering at hand here might be slightly off since BMW has repeatedly said they are trying to make their cars a bit different and steer clear of the “same design, different size” approach we’ve seen recently. That’s become obvious with the newer cars launched, from the G20 3 Series to the X7 and 8 Series, all of them looking different.

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Sure, you’ll find typical BMW cues in every single one and that’s normal but you won’t mistake a 5 Series and a 7 Series anymore. Thus, this attempt at figuring out how the LCI G30 5 Series will look like is a bit off because it borrows cues from the 3 Series. The headlamps have been taken straight from the current 3er as well as the kidney grilles. The front bumper is from a facelifted 7er and that’s most likely not going to happen either. Round the back the same approach was used, with a 3D-shaped set of taillights similar to what we’ve seen on the 3er recently.

Most likely, the new 5 Series will borrow a couple of styling cues but from the 7 Series more so than the 3 Series. Chances are we’ll get a larger grille while the headlamps will no longer feature round DRLs but adopt the new silhouette from the 7er or the X5. Some more chrome might also be added to the mix as the Chinese market – which is the largest for the 5 Series right now – seems to fancy it a lot. That’s it in terms of design, don’t expect big changes. Those are reserved for the underpinnings and infotainment system.

[Via: Kolesa]