Wagons are not usually my type of car. Sure, there are some exceptions and some Shooting Brake models also might make me change my mind but, in general, these practical models are not exactly what I’m looking for. Judging by US sales, most people simply skip over these body types when buying a car and simply go for an SUV. But what if you got to choose between the classic truck and a sexy car like the 8 Series Touring rendered here?

BMW is currently making some sexy wagons or Touring models as they call ’em in Germany. The BMW M340i xDrive Touring is quite the M3 Touring surrogate while the Alpina B5 BiTurbo in Touring guise is the fastest car of its kid in the world right now. It also looks great speeding too. So there’s plenty of beautiful wagons being made in Bavaria right now. Sure, none of them make it stateside but let’s not dwell on that right now.

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The rendering we have here is definitely the stuff dreams are made of. X-Tomi design created a Touring 8 Series and, if made, it would instantly become the sexiest Touring ever made. Working with the 8 Series Gran Coupe as a starting point, this rendering definitely got off on the right foot. The four-door coupe version of the 8er is probably the sexiest car BMW launched in the last two decades so you know this Touring would appeal to a lot of people, including ‘nonbelievers’ such as myself.

This won’t ever become reality though. Some are saying even having three body types in the 8 Series range is too much, imagine what they’d say about a fourth being added to the list. If BMW were to green light such a machine though, it would probably be revered by die hard fans but flop in the sales department. I know most of us would buy one but from there to actually seeing it in production is a really long way. Shame though, as it’s quite a stunner.