Almost immediately following the reveal of the BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe, fans of the Bavarian brand wanted to know what an M8 version might look like. It’s only natural to wonder, as the M8 is the hot performance version of the 8 Series and the one enthusiasts care most about. Combine that with the Gran Coupe’s new stunning looks and you’ve got a recipe for a very sexy car. So what might a BMW M8 Gran Coupe look like? In this new render from Nikita Aksyonov, we get a glimpse of such a car’s potential styling.

This render is obviously based on the standard 8 Series Gran Coupe but then gets M-ified. So the render artist took some of the BMW M8 Coupe’s design elements and added them to the newly released 8 Series GC. That means it gets the same black Kidney Grilles, black mirrors, black wheels and massive black Air Breather’s as the M8 Coupe.

BMW M8 Gran Coupe rendering 2 830x415

It also gets the same lower front air intakes in the bumper, with black trim around around them. The best part, though, might be the carbon fiber double-bubble roof, which just looks killer. The BMW M6 Gran Coupe had a carbon double-bubble as well and it was easily one of its coolest design features.

Out back, it gets a new black diffuser with quad exhaust pipes, the typical M Division treatment. It works so well on the 8 Series Gran Coupe, though, that we wouldn’t mind if it’s not any different than what you get on the M5. What is a bit interesting is that Aksyonov added a little carbon fiber spoiler to the already integrated rear spoiler of this BMW M8 Gran Coupe. Not entirely sure that works but it does looks sporty.

BMW M8 Gran Coupe rendering 3 830x466

We all know a BMW M8 Gran Coupe is coming and it’s only a matter of time. Considering BMW M’s treatment of regular BMWs is pretty typical by now, we can imagine that this render is quite close to being realistic. If that’s the case, it’s going to look very good. Though, we don’t see it not looking good, if we’re honest.

[Photos: Aksyonov Nikita]