To some, it may seem weird and a bit on the wild side that BMW once used to compete in Formula 1. For most of the Bavarian brand’s fans, those were the golden days, the time when brilliant engines were developed and when emission regulations seemed all but mere footnote. And yet, those days existed and BMW left Formula 1 in 2009, after a rather good run. One of the last cars to wear the blue and white roundel on them in the competition is now up for grabs.

It’s basically a piece of history, as this 2007 F1.07-06B car was driven by a couple of well known drivers back then. The most famous now is Sebastian Vettel, who drives for Ferrari today and has since claimed four titles in Formula 1. The car was also driven by Nick Heidfeld and Robert Kubica, both of them more than decent drivers back in the day. And before you get too excited about the prospect of buying this car, a few notes have to be made.

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The ad doesn’t exactly say this car was one of those used in the competition which could point to the fact that it was, instead, used in development. Furthermore, it doesn’t have an engine right now, but everything else is still in place. Therefore, you still get the transmission, engine frame, suspension, fuel tank and even the original steering wheel, which is nothing to scoff at. The ad also claims the car is in Switzerland at the moment and it looks like an engine could be provided if you can afford it.

Speaking of which, there’s no price tag listed on the website but those interested in such rarities can definitely afford to pay whatever a 2007 Formula 1 car could be worth. The market for older and newer F1 cars is apparently on the rise so some people might view this as an investment.