As soon as the G21 BMW 3 Series Touring debuted, dreams of a potential M3 Touring occupied the minds of enthusiasts. BMW has never made a wagon version of its most famous sport sedan/coupe, a fact that irks Bavarian fans the world over. As BMW’s German rivals, Audi and Mercedes-Benz, develop wagon versions of their M3 competitors, the Bavarians won’t commit to ever making a long-roof M3. If they did make one, though, it’d look pretty badass, as evidenced by this render.

Rendered by Aksyonov Nikita, this G81 BMW M3 Touring looks awesome. It’s low, wide and mean; everything we’d want in such a car. With its black wheels, black trim and black Kidney Grilles, especially in contrast to its blue paint work, the M3 Touring render looks fantastic.

Now, let’s make this very clear — it’s not happening. There won’t be a G81 BMW M3 Touring, regardless of what rumors you hear. If I’m wrong and such a car is eventually made, I’ll happily eat all of the crow. However, I doubt that happens. We’ve heard from our sources inside BMW that it’s just not even a realistic possibility.

G81 BMW M3 Touring Render 830x489

Which is shame of course, as such a car would be incredible. We don’t have any official power figures for the upcoming G80 BMW M3 but it’s not hard to venture a guess. There’s a real possibility that it makes the same 473 hp in regular guise, and 503 hp in Competition guise, as the BMW X3 M. We already know it will use the same S58 3.0 liter twin turbocharged I6 as the X3 M and that it’s a brutal, torque-slinging monster. Now imagine that in an all-wheel drive performance wagon, rather than a tall-ish SUV. Tell me that’s not a car you’d love to live with everyday. We know we would. Especially if it looked like this render.

[Source: Behance]