As new cars come on the market, rendering artists get to work to imagine the next possible model. It’s the case here with the future BMW M2 which was just imagined based on the recently unveiled 1 Series Hatchback. Using some of the design cues of the new 1er and from the 3 Series, but adapted to the rear-wheel drive platform dimensions, X-Tomi Design is imagining what the next generation M2 could look like.

At the front, you can see both the influence of the 1 and 3 Series when it comes to the large and imposing kidney grille, while the headlights are clearly inspired by the new M135i.

Along the side, you’re getting the typical creases running across the car – for an enhanced sporty look – and also the ///M badge on the fender. The front fascia portrays an aggressive design with a large center opening and the typical BMW air curtains.

This M2 is also imagined with a muscular stance, reminder of a bulldog-type of design.

Of course, this is simply a fan’s vision and not what the future M2 would look like, but it’s not far fetched that some current design cues from BMW could end up on the new sports coupe.

BMW M2 Will Live On With The G87 Model in 2022

Just like the upcoming 2 Series Coupe, the M2 will continue as a rear-wheel drive model and will be sold under the code name G87. Production is expected to kick off in 2022, just a year after the introduction of the 2 Series Coupe.