The new BMW M8 models are out and people are already very impressed with their looks. In both Coupe and Convertible guise, either Competition or non-Competition versions are head-turners on the streets. They also come with more performance than you could possibly need and there’s another one on the line, soon to be revealed as well: the BMW M8 Gran Coupe.

The Gran Coupe 8 Series is bound to be shown in full in the near future. It’s closer than you may think and it’s going to blow you away. It’s a really good looking car, just like the M8 Gran Coupe Concept we’ve seen a while back. Picture an M8 with four doors and you’re there. Better yet, just take a look at this first rendering of the thing and you’ll get the gist. This manipulated image is a rough sketch of how the M8 Gran Coupe might turn out, courtesy of JB Cars.

bmw m8 gran coupe looks a bit artificial competition even more so 135005 1

It shows the car and all the details you need. However, on the production model, I think the roof line will drop more abruptly towards the rear end of the car. Other than that, the same four tailpipes will be visible at the back, along with the carbon fiber diffuser and the same side mirrors will be used, probably dressed up in carbon fiber. The engine will be the same and all the underpinnings, even though the Gran Coupe will definitely be longer than the 2-door Coupe model.

Inside the new four-door coupe model, you’ll find four sculpted seats and it remains to be seen whether the glowing M8 badges on the front seats will find a place on the rear seats as well. The design inside will be the same, with the best materials BMW has to offer being made available for those wanting the best possible experience. Expect the M8 Gran Coupe to be unveiled towards the end of 2019.