History has shown us that certain cars can actually go up in value as time goes by, for a number of reasons. It’s also quite hard to figure out which car will be the next E30 M3 and in what car to invest your money, hoping for a good return in a couple of decades. What I can tell you, though, is that the era of the internal combustion engine is drawing to its end and jewels like the S85 engine might become very valuable in the future. That’s why this M6 might be the one for you.

I, myself, am interested in buying a car fitted with the 5-liter V10 engine otherwise known as the S85, even though the internet is filled with horror stories about its possible rod-bearing issues. In case you never stumbled upon such posts on various forums, it turns out this marvelous engine has a tendency to chew through its own rod bearings and eventually blow itself up. While there are numerous reports of that happening, in percentages, the figure is still pretty low.

The odometer on this car shows just 9,000 miles which basically says this is an almost brand new car. At 9,000 miles, it has barely been broken in and should run brilliantly. The interior looks absolutely mint as well, dressed in Merino leather and with the traditional carbon fiber trims.

This is one of the best condition E63 M6 models I’ve ever seen despite having the SMG gearbox which is not fans’ favorite. I’ve driven a couple M6 and M5 models and even a couple of M3s with the SMG gearbox and I still prefer the manual transmission. The thing is, manuals are extraordinarily rare and, in the end, you might have to compromise. The seller says in the Bring-A-Trailer ad that he’s willing to part ways with the car for $30,000 which is a pretty good deal if you ask me.