I think it’s safe to say that our lives today revolve around technology. It has been this way since the industrial revolution but today the impact technology has on our lifestyle is bigger than ever. Things are bound to evolve faster and faster as the pace at which we come up with better tech is speeding up. One of the best ways to see how things evolved is to check out several generations of cars and the way they perform, like the BMW M5, for example.

The guys from DSC OFF set up a drag race not long ago, between three different generations of the high-performance saloon. They didn’t pick three consecutive models but spread them out across some three decades. The video below therefore shows a race between a BMW E34 M5, the marvelous E60 M5 and the current, latest iteration, the F90 M5. Naturally, the 600-HP beast we’re seeing in showrooms today wouldn’t be phased by the older models here but it’s still interesting to see just how much things changed.

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The E34 M5 is still viewed by some as a jewel of the M division. It was the last M car to be hand-assembled and it used an engine that was derived from the iconic M88 engine that was introduced on the M1. The 3.8-liter straight six used to develop 340 HP which may not seem like much today but was a lot back in the 1990s. It’s naturally aspirated, rear-wheel drive and comes with a manual gearbox, an old-school fan’s wet dream.

Alongside it we get to watch yet another iconic model: the E60 M5. Developed when the Bavarian brand was involved in Formula 1, the engine under its hood was a 5-liter V10 with an unmistakable sound and 507 HP. Hooked up to an SMG gearbox in this particular model, the old E60 could’ve been had with a manual as well, which would definitely be my choice. And even though the F90 racing alongside it has more power, a lot more torque and all-wheel drive, the ‘granny’ here does more than well for itself. Oh, the video is a bit long and it’s in Russian. If you want to skip to the racing bit, jump to the 34:47 mark.