Even though we’ve seen the BMW M8 Competition nearly completely undisguised today, we’re still a bit off from seeing the car in all its glory and learn all about it. The pictures leaked today show us its front end and rear fascia and, to be fair, there are no surprises there. Everything looks just like we’ve imagined, making the full-on M cars look a bit more aggressive than their non-M counterparts, including the M850i.

And while we were drooling over the M8 Competition and its violet color, testing of the car continued on the world-famous Nurburgring. The latest footage of the M8 was posted today on Youtube. It shows both the Coupe and the Convertible models at a gas station, a territory that will most likely become like a second home to prospective owners of these cars in the future. I’m not saying they are not efficient but let’s be real about this.

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Considering the M850i gets around 11 mpg, the M8 will most likely be a bit worse off. Even so, you get the most powerful engine BMW ever made under the hood and that’s quite something. The M8 is going to have over 600 HP while the Competition model will be even more powerful. That said, combined with all-wheel drive, these things will be fast in any given situation. The footage below also shows the Gran Coupe model for a bit, running alongside the M8 on the long stretch.

The Gran Coupe will arrive this year while the M8 version of the four-door coupe might take a bit longer to reach the market. It is shaping up to be the best looking car not only in the 8 Series range, but also in the entire BMW line-up, judging by the concept or the prototypes we’ve seen so far. We’ll just have to wait to get the full scoop on it though.