The new 1 Series is just days away from being revealed and people looking for a compact, premium car are probably very interested in the topic. Especially since, this time, the 1er is supposed to become a more practical choice. The virtual unveiling is probably going to take place somewhere next week while we’ll get to see the car in the metal for the first time at the Frankfurt Motor Show this autumn. In the meantime, BMW started a teasing campaign, showing us all but the car itself.

From the headlights to the taillights, the people at BMW are definitely good at playing this teasing game. However, combining the images we had at our disposal so far from BMW with some of the footage recorded of the car on the Nurburgring, someone could muster up a good rendering of how the car could turn out. As it stands, the people over at Kolesa have already done that and they nearly hit home.

2020 bmw m135i rendering 830x467

A lot of help came from the leaks that surfaced the web not long ago, of the M135i model. In those we got to see the rear end of the car as well as the front and learn a thing or two. For example, this rendering isn’t exactly spot on, because while it claims to be portraying the M Performance model, it has the ‘regular’ kidney grilles up front whereas the real deal will have a different kidney grille, like we’ve seen on the M340i or the Z4 M40i, for example.

Round the back things are pretty much spot on. There will be twin exhaust pipes on the M Performance model while the taillights look like the real deal. If you’re curious about the interior, just imagine the same interior you’ve seen on the new 3 Series but to a different scale. The differences will be small in terms of design. The 1 Series will get all the latest tech though and it will be a powerhouse in that department. Will it be enough to take on the incredible Mercedes-Benz A-Class? Remains to be seen.