The current BMW X1 model is bound to get a facelift this year, as BMW usually does when its cars turn four years old. The facelift is meant to keep the model up to par with newer offerings from the competition and also change its design in some cases. The X1 will get the LCI treatment in a couple of months and we already can see its pretty, modified face in these shots coming in from China.

As you can see, the new BMW X1 will borrow some styling cues from its bigger brothers. The kidney grilles seem to have grown in size and are now connected in the middle. At the same time, the headlights seem a bit sharper, more along the lines of what we’ve been seeing on the upcoming 1 Series, to my eye. There’s also a new design for the insides of the headlamps as well as the front bumper which is now featuring taller air intakes to the sides.

bmw x1 facelift leaked in china looks sporty 1

Round the back, the same 1 Series replica motif seems to be taking place. The stop lights seem to be a bit wider and narrower, looking sharper than right now. Unfortunately, the photo quality isn’t great so we can’t really make out certain details. Nevertheless, this new BMW X1 looks a bit better to my eyes than the current offering. Inside the cabin we shouldn’t expect big changes other than some new tech.

Under the hood, not a lot will change. Most engines will remain unchanged. The biggest news is that a hybrid model will be offered soon after the LCI is unveiled. It’s the xDrive25Le model that is already on sale in China with 68 miles of electric range at its disposal, but without the long wheelbase. In the US, the same car, will be marketed as the BMW X1 xDrive28e. There’s a chance that the new model could have better batteries, thus offering extended EV range. There’s no confirmation of an M35i model so far, as is the case on the X2. Production of the facelifted X1 is slated to kick off in July.