The BMW M850i Convertible is a head turner no matter what paint you choose for it. The BMW catalogue has plenty of choices for everyone anyway, but for some people only the most outlandish choices work and the car we’re showing you today makes no exception. The owner of this particular M850i decided to have it wrapped in one of the most eye catching shades we’ve seen, dubbed Matte Krypton Green according to the wrappers.

It’s is truly quite a change from the colors you get as standard on the 8 Series range, like Alpine White, for example. This particular car is owned by someone who really wanted to have it in a special shade, to attract as much attention as possible. The guys from Fostla were more than happy to provide and here we are, looking at what would make Superman vanish in the distance, as it would bring back some hurtful memories.

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The car also has a couple of stripes on the sides, making it stand out even more. The white/black combo works with the green theme of the car, creating a certain contrast that’s just stunning. To some, it may be a bit too much though but then again, convertibles in general are not for everyone, as they do limit your privacy most of the time. The car’s interior is quite nice too, the white leather being another focal point.

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The M850i starts at over 130,000 Euros in Europe, where this model hails from, and it can get a lot more expensive in a hurry, and special paints could cost a pretty penny so going for a wrap might be a cheaper alternative. Plus, you can change a wrap whenever you feel like it, whereas with paint there’s a lot more work to be done. The black wheels and black kidney grilles are also a good combo and, to be honest, everything just works, if you want a flashy car. Chip in the sound the N63 engine makes and you have yourself a pretty nice ride for those beautiful summer cruises on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean.