Before the Rolls-Royce Dawn was even conceived, there was a different convertible in the Rolls-Royce range, already available. Dare I say, it was even more luxurious than what the Dawn is bringing to the table today and it is no longer in production, unfortunately. The Drophead Coupe was a car was used by princes, sheikhs and other rich people over the years simply to express their opulence.

The problem with the Drophead Coupe is that you can no longer buy a new one. Rolls-Royce decided there’s no room for two droptops in its range and retired this model before the Dawn came out. However, there are still a few available on the second-hand market, like the one we have here, on Bring-a-Trailer today. This particular Drophead Coupe comes with a rather low number on the odometer (28,000 miles) and a price that just went over the $100,000 mark as this article was written about it.

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The auction is still going and people genuinely seem interested in it, with the owner answering a couple of questions in the process. According to him, the car is in perfect condition and we tend to believe that judging by the looks. The roof is also in great shape while the wheels look well cared for. As an interesting side note, the seller claims they have been specifically designed for this car and that whoever buys the car will get the original rims as well along with a new set of tires.

This being a 2008 model, it comes with the 6.75-liter V12 engine used back then on most Rolls-Royce cars making 453 HP and 531 Nm of torque. Those figures do look a bit low compared to what we get these days out of the same displacement but drag racing was never a part of the ‘to do’ list of a Drophead Coupe. This is a car you simply enjoy cruising around in, wrapped in luxury.