In just a few weeks, the new BMW 3 Series family will gain a new member – the 3 Series Touring.  A slightly camouflaged test mule was spotted at the famous Nurburgring during some hot laps to test the final components of the 3 Series Touring. In these photos, it’s pretty easy to see almost exactly what the upcoming G21 3 Series Touring will look like. From the B-pillar forward, it’s obvious that it’s basically the same as the 3 Series sedan.

2019 BMW 3 Series Touring 1 830x553

Where we want to look is from the B-pillar back. The roofline tapers nicely toward the back of the Touring’s hatch and gives it a sporty look. Judging by these photos, its Hofmeister Kink is seemingly different from that of the sedan. Rather than the more arrow-like one on the sedan, the Touring model gets one that’s more traditional. The little roof spoiler is a nice touch as well.

Technically, the BMW 3 Series Touring G21, like the sedan, uses the highly flexible CLAR architecture for vehicles with rear-wheel drive. The advantages of the new technical base are to make the G20 and its variants the most dynamic 3 Series of all time. Although the sedan variants play the main role worldwide, the practical Touring in Europe is a key factor in the success or failure of the seventh generation of BMW 3 Series.

2019 BMW 3 Series Touring 2 830x553

In the interior, it is already clear that BMW wants to take the wind out of the sails of all critics of materials and workmanship, so we expect the same level and quality as the one in the G20 sedan. The BMW 3 Series Touring G21 also gets the new infotainment system iDrive 7.0, which was previously presented in the X5 G05 and the G15 8 Series.

First drives of the 3 Series Touring are scheduled for this Summer, so we will have our own report as well.

[Source: @wilcoblok]