Even though the new generation G05 X5 has been launched for quite some time now, we’re still waiting for BMW to unveil the new G06 X6 as well. For BMW this is tradition as the Bavarian manufacturer got us used to waiting at least a couple of months before seeing the Coupe version of the initial model. It applies to all model ranges, not just the X vehicles too. Therefore, the X6 is bound to be launched this Summer and we simply can’t wait for that to happen.

We’ve already got the idea of what the new X6 will look like from the X6 M leak that happened last month. Unlike the previous generation, we expect the new X6 to have more presence on the road and and a more attractive rear end.

2020 bmw x6 render 830x467

The rendering at hand here follows exactly what we’ve been able to see on the X6 so far. The taillights will be getting a new shape which are slimmer and slightly wider, the roofline will retain the coupe look and the front-end will resemble the G05 X5. The rendering seen here might be messing up the rear end a bit, so we expect the rear bumper to be a bit different in design and certainly more attractive.

The upcoming BMW X6 is obviously based on the new X5. Well, it’s actually based on BMW’s CLAR (Cluster Architecture) platform, which all new BMWs are based on, so expect a similar powertrain setup and the ZF eight-speed automatic transmission.

[Via: Kolesa]