Looking at the BMW i8 you’ll find it hard to believe it was launched five years ago. Hell, it’s ever harder to believe the concept came out initially some 8 years ago and that’s due to its incredible design. Even to this day, every time you see a BMW i8 on the road you take a moment to admire its futuristic looks. That whole thing is taken to another level once you see the second body type BMW launched not long ago: the BMW i8 Roadster.

These two models, the Coupe and the Roadster simply work together but the truth of the matter is, the design of the car is so nice other variations have popped through people’s heads. And, if you’re good with a stencil or, to be more in tune with the times, Photoshop, you can probably bring your imagination to life. This is what Yasid of Yasiddesign did with this rendering of a BMW i8 Shooting Brake model.

Capture 9

Created initially back when people still used to go hunting, the Shooting Brake was used to carry the game back home along with all the kit needed for a hunting session. There were both 2-door and 4-door configurations but originally, the former was the more popular choice simply because nobody would sit in the back and the extra doors were not needed. In the case of the i8, I’m pretty sure nobody would use it for such purposes if the Shooting Brake version was to come to life suddenly but it would be nice to have some more storage room.

The i8 is a great car and proves you can have fun with a car while saving the planet and even listening to some exhaust sounds at the same time but it is also one of the least practical cars I ever had the pleasure of driving. I know that’s not the point of such a car but, as I was saying, it couldn’t hurt to have a place to store your bags on a longer trip.