BMW announced an impressive innovation today in the shape of automatically activated wipers for the front windows of its future cars. However, while BMW M fans were excited to hear about this new possibility, those interested in the more ‘eco-friendly’ side of things probably felt a bit left out. Worry not though as the engineers have been hard at work to finish one of their most exciting projects to date by April 1.

BMW announced a new paint today, one that doesn’t necessarily attract a lot of attention but does wonders, especially at night. Dubbed BMW Lunar Paint, the new innovation allows you to charge your car at night without even plugging it in. “BMW i is engineered to push the limits of electric driving, and our latest feature is no exception. BMW Lunar Paint uses revolutionary photovoltaic technology to passively recharge your battery in the hours of darkness, extending your electric range even further,” says the Bavarian company in a short statement.

This is truly revolutionary but, unfortunately, there’s no mention as to how it works exactly. I guess there’s a bit more work to be done until the final product is unveiled. In the meantime though, there are plenty of other choices for people looking to juice up their electrified cars in the daylight, without having to wait for night fall or a clear sky to make sure the moon can work together with the new paint and fill those batteries.

That said, you could go for solar charging, BMW offering you your own solar charging pad at home if you’re interested. You can also go for a simple Wallbox that’s meant to work flawlessly with any BMW i model or use a public station courtesy of the ChargeNow app that is now being run in collaboration with Daimler.