Mini is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, a moment to remember in the tumultuous history of the British brand. The company did a couple of marketing stunts to mark the occasion but the best way to remember the ‘good old days’ is to take a look back at what the company manufactured in the beginning. One such example is to go under the hammer tomorrow, the organizers of the auction apparently expecting to fetch £12,000 for a 59-year old Morris Mini Minor De-Lux.

This very early Morris Minor De-Luxe Mini was built in the first seven months of production, and was registered to a lady in the north of Scotland, according to the seller. She bought it with intention of learning to drive, but this did not happen, so the car was never used. When she died, the car was passed on to her niece who traded it in with a local Austin Rover garage. It was then purchased for a lady who apparently didn’t get on with changing gears herself. therefore, the car went back to the Austin Rover dealer again.

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The previous owner purchased the car in 1992, and it seems that the car was displayed at the Alford Grampian Transport Museum after its bout at the Austin Rover garage. The previous owner was prepared to warranty the very low mileage of 28,000, and the available paperwork would seem to support this assertion. The car color is “Cherry Red”, and the Heritage Certificate that comes with it confirms that it is a De-Luxe model.

The car is said to be matching numbers and has its original registration number. It is in very good original condition, and ready for its new owner. It is very unusual to have a Mini as old as this in such good original condition but then again, so is the price. The people from Barons Auction claim they should get between £9,000 and £12,000 for it which translates to $12,000 to $15,000 which is quite a hefty amount for 60-year old Mini.