The BMW X5 is gaining more traction every day, after being revealed late last year. The new model is praised not only in reviews but also in independent research and surveys. Tuners, obviously, follow suit and are working round the clock to launch proper upgrades for the car. One of the most recent projects comes from Russia, where the X5 has been the best-selling premium SUV ever since it was launched.

Therefore, it was only natural that the largest country in the world would probably offer the most options for the X5 tuning wise. The guys from Renegade are the culprits behind these interesting pictures which are for now, just renderings. That’s because the final products are yet to be tested and put on sale, but we can get a good idea as to how a random BMW X5 would be transformed after applying all of this to it.

2020 bmw x5 gets stormtrooper widebody kit from renegade russia 1 830x830

The whole thing just screams ‘Stormtrooper’ a take we’ve seen on other cars before, from other manufacturers. The shop, which is based in Moscow, is known for the work they did on other luxurious SUVs in the past, and most of them get similar, thorough changes done to their exteriors. With the new X5 coming with such large grips up front now, over sized air intakes work better on it, and the guys from Renegade definitely took advantage of that.

The body of the car was apparently widened by some 60 mm with this kit while the front end lost some of its attack angle because of the new, lower bumper. Round the back you’ll notice a new spoiler added to the tailgate and a new lip right above the taillights which is a bit peculiar if you ask me. The rear bumper also sports four exhaust pipes now and a center diffuser. All in all it’s an interesting proposal but definitely not one to everyone’s liking.