The Rolls-Royce Cullinan is proving to be quite popular, with the Goodwood-based manufacturer finding it hard to keep up with demand these days. The first ever high-riding car from Rolls-Royce has a design that follows the strict rules set up in the company years ago and that led to some odd lines popping up here and there on its body, depending on the angle you’re looking from. Even before the car came out, renderings of it showed interesting takes of where too much imagination can take you.

The final product is here now though and some are disappointed in how the car turned out. Admittedly, it does look like a tank on wheels under the right light but then again, what did you expect? Opulence and hard shapes do meet in the middle most of the time. The thing is, since the Cullinan is so popular these days, renderings of it in various guises are bound to pop up and one outlandish take comes from Czech specialist Rostislav Prokop.

His creative mind decided to bring to life a slammed version of the Cullinan, defeating the purpose of the car altogether. After all, Rolls-Royce said it created this SUV so that its customers can enjoy their trademark luxury everywhere in the world with no compromise. That includes mild off roading, something the slammed car in the rendering below can’t really deal with. Apart from lowering the car’s body to all the way to the floor, this rendering includes a couple more interesting upgrades.

Flared wheel arches, front bumper add-ons and side sills along with a blacked out Pantheon grille and new wheels complete the package. Round the back there’s a new bumper and exhaust tips as well as as covering up the rear window to make sure you don’t even bother to check the mirror. It looks surreal and I’m willing to bet someone out there will take these cues to the heart and try and create such a… special… Cullinan.