We do love it when car companies get silly on social media. Typically, car companies are very uptight and serious, specifically zee Germans. So it’s fun to see them let their hair down and play around a bit. In this case, whoever runs Cadillac’s social media department decided to have a bit of fun with its competition on Valentine’s Day. So on Twitter, Cadillac started to flirt with the likes of BMW, Jaguar and even Lexus. With mixed results.

With BMW, Cadillac tweeted “Is your GPS working? Because we’re lost in your headlights.” They also left a little heart Emoji. How nice. BMW responded with a bit of a boast, saying “That’s because our Angel Eyes are out of this world!” Maybe BMW isn’t the best at bedroom talk. Still, it seems to have worked because Cadillac responded by saying it wanted to shut off the lights and see where things went. Rawr.

After flirting with BMW, Caddy set its sights on Jaguar. All Cadillac said was “Meow” and left a heart Emoji. To which Jaguar responded by asking if they should “Escalade this to the next level?” Cadillac quickly responded with “Just don’t leave scratch marks” and a winking Emoji. Is it hot in here or is it just me?

Until Lexus showed up, that is. Cadillac reached out to Lexus by saying “We don’t care what anyone says. We think your big grille is really attractive.” To which Lexus shot back “Aren’t you a bit old for us?” Lexus grilling (pun intended) someone else for being old is a bit hypocritical, considering the average Lexus owner can’t send dirty messages without little blue pills. So Cadillac fired back with a line that genuinely made me laugh.

Leave it to Lexus to spoil the fun. Still, I tip my hat to Cadillac for having some fun on Valentine’s Day.