Mat Watson, the charismatic CarWow tester we follow on Youtube, brought his mom out to the track to have her drift a BMW M4 Competition.

That’s quite a bold premise, to be honest and Mat has included his mom in some of his shenanigans before too. Apparently he showed her how semi-autonomous tech works on board the Volvo XC60 and dared her to launch an Audi RS4, which went quite well too. Now he’s trying to get her to drift or ‘swing about’, as she funnily puts it. The car he chose for this exercise is rather perfect for the job, as the M4 Competition has more than enough power and a RWD setup.

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This sportscar has been praised by so many people for its handling that it’s just perfect for such an exercise. The rear end on the Competition model is even more alive than ever as it has more power than the standard M4 to put down, and makes it rather easy to drift. Whether that drift is controlled or not, depends on the driver, but Mat’s mom has a professional instructor at her disposal so that she can learn all there is to learn about drifting.

What I love most about this video though is how cool his mom is. Remember, she’s 70 even though she doesn’t show it and manages to keep her cool and support her son in every way she can, this video being all the proof we need. She does close her eyes a couple of times while on the passenger seat with Mat behind the wheel of an M2 Competition, but that’s completely understandable. The highlight of the video is definitely around the 7 minute mark, where she decides to go all in and really focus getting her inner ‘Ken Block’ to surface. Enjoy!