Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint just how big some cars are, because they have to be put in a proper context to get a clue as to how huge they really are. Rolls-Royce cars are definitely fitting the bill in this regard, as they look rather normal in random pics online and completely different when you see one on public roads. Since the Brits launched their first ‘high-riding’ vehicle last year things are taken to a whole new level.

And yet, the Cullinan is not the longest Rolls-Royce you can get. That distinction remains with the Phantom still, as the CEO of the company pointed out since development of the SUV kicked off. However, the high-riding vehicle is the heaviest and that is transparent through its design. It’s a boxy car that is unmistakably a Rolls and you can immediately tell. But what you don’t realize is just how massive it is.

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Ever seen a Phantom in traffic? How about a Ghost? Even a Dawn would paint a pretty picture as to the size of these things so when Forgiato fitted this Cullinan with a set of 26″ wheels they some didn’t look extremely out of place. Yes, you’re left with about 1 inch of rubber between the rim and the asphalt and that would probably ruin the ride in any other car but I have a hunch the suspension of the Cullinan can take it without making life unbearable inside.

The wheels are called Ventoso-ECL and feature brushed faces with chromed lips. Pirelli tires complete the package and now it’s time to have your say. I know most people would never consider fitting a Rolls-Royce with aftermarket wheels but we’re only discussing the size of the wheels right now. Are these 26″ rims too much and if so, what size would be the furthest you’d go?