Deliveries of the new BMW 3 Series are still a couple of weeks away and yet as the date gets closer, interest for the new car is ramping up. I guess that’s the case with every new car, the 3 Series being no exception, but the excitement gets crazier as the specs go higher. Therefore, the BMW G80 M3 and its M4 brother are going to get more and more attention as they head to production. And yet, we’re still quite far off from their unveiling so we’ll have to make due with renderings for now.

One of the first attempts at bringing the M4 to life was done by J.B Cars. It’s a really rough and wide shot at how the production car could look like so please don’t take it as a set in stone preview of the real deal. The basis used was the new G20 3 Series so in that regard we’re on the right path from the get go. The sedan was transformed into a two-door though as the M4 will be available in two-door guise only and in drop top guise, of course.

2020 bmw m4 rendered 129815 1

The Bavarian athlete then received a G20 3 Series rear bumper along with a new diffuser on it that seems to be made of carbon fiber. The traditional quad-tailpipes are also present, another trademark of an M model. The taillights also got some attention, being slightly different than on the 3 Series. Whether that will be the case on the production car too remains to be seen but it’s a nice differentiator. What we’ll definitely see are the M style rear view mirrors.

The boot lid got a small upgrade as well in the shape of a small carbon fiber lip. That will most likely not be present on the M4 when it comes out, at least not in the standard guise. The CS version will most likely get that kind of aero while the CSL will get a wing on the boot. As for the specs, those remain to be seen when the M3 and M4 come out but rest assured that you can expect around 480 HP for the standard versions and around 500 HP for the Competition alternatives.