The new 3 Series was unveiled late last year and was met with enthusiasm by the BMW community. Along with the usual suspects in the 3 Series lineup, the new G20 platform also brings a new model, close in performance to the iconic M3. The BMW M340i now sits just below the sports sedan and it’s a compelling product for those not wanting a full M model.

But before the new G80 M3 comes out, rendering artists are having some fun with the G20 platform by creating some Photoshop images of a super sporty sedan.

It’s not hard to figure out what the creator Emre Husman wanted to portray here and it’s an interesting approach. This rendering showcases a G20 3 Series with seriously wide fenders, both up front and in the back, with a functional side as well, as they are separated from the car’s body via mesh.

2020 bmw 3 series rendered with race car concept kit 1 830x482

The front end also got seriously meaner with some interesting add-ons. The bumper has been decorated with carbon fiber on the air intakes and lower end, where you can notice a massive splitter. On the sides, the wheel arches are connected to the bumper via canards while the radar somehow managed to stay in place, as if this thing would be road-legal. That feeling also comes to surface when looking at the car from the back.

The rear end now gets wider thanks to the same weird fenders while the bumper is now sporting four tailpipes, all wrapped by some more carbon fiber and mesh. There’s even a diffuser in the middle, while the boot lid now features a massive spoiler. All in all, this is one interesting project but unfortunately that’s about it, as it couldn’t ever be anything more.