The BMW 8 Series Convertible has been announced late last year but so far deliveries haven’t officially started. Yet, some tuners seem to have already gotten their hands on some of those models to showcase their upcoming aftermarket parts. The guys from Forgiato already fitted one of these cars with a set of their wheels which aim to shock rather than blend in with the car’s design.

The car in the photos below is showing a peculiar combination from starters though, one that could easily be used to exemplify just how much of a difference a car’s exterior color makes. In some darker colors, the 8 Series family is able to show its lines more prominently, emphasizing their sporty character. The white is also a safe choice, so it’s not going to stand out.

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The black top doesn’t do it any favors either but it’s the wheels in this particular combo that are taking over. The model is called Orologio-M and, as the name suggests, it’s supposed to replicate a watch bezel.

The overall package looks like a cliche car from mafioso movies of the ’90s. To some extent we could see some resemblance to the popular white walls of the cars you’d see on the streets some time ago. The thing is, while the 8 Series has a forward-looking design, combining it with a retro-look set of wheels just makes everything weird.